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Keeping you in the knowWorld class asset tracking solutions

Keeping track – keeping a professional eye on the events, the people and the activities that deliver your profits. That’s what we help businesses do. With professional tracking, monitoring and reporting, there’s no need for managers to ‘guess’ the condition of their assets, the whereabouts of their cars, trucks and cargoes, even their field personnel. Locate your assets 24/7 to the very minute. If your business is transporting costly goods, everyone benefits with professional tracking – protecting the transports, the drivers, the cargoes and the customers. Our core tracking products are designed to cover three critical areas.


Fleet management Every business that moves goods would benefit from ‘knowing’ just where every vehicle is at all times. No more guessing, no more vague arrival estimates to clients, no more surprises that usually cost money. Asset tracking Monitor, track and protect plant and equipment, generators, pumps, boats, trailers – anything that moves or needs to be switched on or off at critical times. Do it all from your office chair. Personnel tracking Mobile workforces will benefit both themselves and their business by being tracked and monitored. Productivity and profitability depends on ‘knowing’ where key personnel are at all times. They will also feel safer, knowing that you know.